End of semester

The end of the first semester of my first year in National Academy of Arts, Sofia is coming. So, this semester we draw one model mostly. I`m submitting my drawings of her, I hope you will like them. :)

Drawing 1; 46/55cm

Drawing 2; 46/55cm
Drawing 3; 46/55cm

Drawing 4; 46/55cm

Oil; 46/55cm

Drawing 5; 50/70cm


  1. Very consistent. You must have gotten a good likeness, because she looks the same in every piece.

  2. Thank you, John! That woman has a specific features, it was hard not to catch anything. I hope I will not draw her again soon, that`s enough for now. :)
    You`re my first follower and you post the first comment on my blog, so thank you again! :)