End of second semester

Well, I`m studying for the exams, I`m finishing all school projects... Eventually I will post them here. This year I`ve learned a lot for murals(I actually did a few techniques) and for technological part of painting on wood and canvas. I`m making at the moment copy of Christian icon in orthodoxy style. I quit my job, so I can take my time to study. At the end of June we`re going to have a practice in church or monastery. I`m very excited about that! It will be fun, I`m sure for this. When the summer vacation comes, I promise to update more often this blog with personal drawings. :)
So, I think this is the new from me. ;)

Here is one of my friend from the academy. I was bored by our model in drawing classes, so I draw the 2 of my colleagues while they drawing:

Venelina & Violeta; 50/70cm