Self-portrait 24/07/2011

Self-portrait; gouache
Another one self-portrait for practice. :)

Virgin Mary with baby Jesus

Virgin Mary with baby Jesus; Size 10/15cm 

 Finally I`ve did it! This is my first real icon and I made it with egg tempera on wood. I`m very happy with the result and I hope you like it too.
For first attempt  I`ve used this reference. In that kind of art you just can`t draw whatever you want, there is canons, so I`m going to make copies for now.



With a feather

Self-portrait with a feather; 40/50cm; pencil on paper


The latest art from me

Ok, in this post I will show you my works from the second semester in the academy:

These are some of my drawings, with the woman figure I`m not really satisfied, but I`m glad that I had the chance to draw nude male, because I don`t really have many male drawings. The third one turned out good, I think. :)

Well, this is it for now, but soon I will post something new and guess on what I`m working now? Ha, that`s right, another self-portrait! :D And also one little orthodox icon, this art is really captivating!

Have a great summer!


Summer time

Hello again! Let me tell you what`s going around me lately:

1. My first year in the academy is over with good results on the exams. I was a little worry for the chemistry, but I had luck to get an easy theme to speak. It`s passed now and I`ll not worry for exams until february. :)

2. I was on practice in The Rila Monastery for 2 weeks and I should tell you, if you`re coming to Bulgaria, visit this monastery, because it`s magical place. You can find more information for it here. And stay for the night there, it`s very different then. So that was 2 weeks without television, internet and mirrors! Very refreshing it was. As for the work, if you see some tourist photos from there with some people working on the gates with brushes and instruments, probably one of them is me. :) We were like the animals in the zoo, big attraction. Here is some photos from the practice:

We restored some of the scenes on the gates. I worked on The Samokov Gate.

3. I want to show you also my works from academy. I`m pretty satisfied with the copy of the orthodox icon, not so happy with my mural techniques, but I will do better next year.
Here it is my copies of icons - technological and fully copy: 

My mural techniques:

And the drawings and paintings I`ll show on single post. ;)