A little practice

~2-3h in Photoshop CS 2
Reference here.
I like how it turned out even if there isn`t much likeness.


End of semester

The end of the first semester of my first year in National Academy of Arts, Sofia is coming. So, this semester we draw one model mostly. I`m submitting my drawings of her, I hope you will like them. :)

Drawing 1; 46/55cm

Drawing 2; 46/55cm
Drawing 3; 46/55cm

Drawing 4; 46/55cm

Oil; 46/55cm

Drawing 5; 50/70cm


Pretty active today

Yellow; 14,5/18cm; gouache
Reference here.

Study; 14,5/16; gouache
And something just for practice.


My sister

I started 2011 with one pencil portrait of my sister Slavina. I think it`s the best which I did on her. Maybe because she was more patient this time :) *

Slavina 01.2011; A4; pencil

* I also did one work based on this sketch:
Slavina 01.2011; 14,5/18cm; gouache

I`ve made a few others portraits of her. You can see it below:

Slavina 12.2009; 50/70cm; oils
Slavina 06.2009; Photoshop CS2; tablet
Slavina 2007; charcoal; A3